What do I need  to bring?

Food for the day, sunscreen, weather appropriate attire, motion sickness supplements, a cooler (got to have some place to put your catch), and ziploc bags if you plan for our crew to clean your catch.

When should I arrive at the dock?

Plan to arrive at the dock 30 minutes prior to boat departure time, giving you plenty of time to load your gear and meet the crew. The best fishing is in the morning for most species. We recommend leaving the dock at 6:00am for full day charters and the morning half day charters. However, we work for you, so you can let us know if a different time works better for your group. Please print out and read the directions to the boat , listed on the Boat Info page before the day of your trip.

Do I need a fishing license?

It is not necessary for you to provide a personal fishing license. Reel Deal provides coverage for all of our anglers under our 6-pack charter fishing license through the state of Florida.

Can I book an individual spot or do I have to book the whole boat?

At the moment, we are booking full charters only. Later in the season that may change. In the meantime, look at our calendar and contact us if there is a date booked and we can tell you if there are any spots available on a less than full charter.

Do you provide food and beverages?

Everyone aboard needs to bring enough food for their own comfort and safety during a long, active day in the sun and sea. We will supply water and sodas for your trip.A reasonable number of coolers are allowed.

For an additional fee, we will provide a catered menu for your fishing excursion. Please let us know in advance is you would like for us to add this additional service.

What is your boat like?

The REEL DEAL is a 46 foot fiberglass fly-bridge sport boat with new twin turbo Caterpiller diesel engines. The REEL DEAL has a large salon and cabin with berths as well as two bathrooms.

How much should I tip the crew?

The crew works for tips and this is normally 10-20% of your trips cost depending on how you feel about gratuities and how much you enjoyed your day. If the crew played a big part in making your day of fishing a great one then let them know with a good tip. Keep in mind that the captain and first mate split the gratuity 50/50 and much of their pay is based on tips.

Fish left to the crew should not be considered part of the tip, as it is illegal to sell charter caught fish in the state of Florida.

How do I avoid getting sea sick?

The best cure for sea sickness is having fun, relaxing, and spending time at sea. Once you spend some time offshore you will realize that there is less to worry about than you might have imagined and a lot more fun to be had. There are some medications that can be obtained both over the counter and through your doctor. Please remember that certain behaviors will invariable cause sensitivity to motion. These are: consumption of alcohol in the 24 hours before or during the trip, greasy or acidic foods, not getting a full night’s sleep, and/or poor physical condition. Results vary from person to person but we use the less drowsiness formula of Dramamine taken once the night before and once when we wake up. The regular formula of Dramamine and Bomine also have shown good results but may make you drowsy. This is only our experience so please consult your doctor for any medical advice.
What about the weather?

Trips maybe canceled due to poor weather conditions. If the trip is canceled before leaving the dock you will be entitled to a full refund or we can reschedule your trip. We will post on our homepage by 12 noon the day prior to your trip whether or not you trip has been canceled due to weather.

Will you clean the fish I catch?

Our crew will be happy to clean your catch for you, bag it and put it on ice in the cooler that you provide us. Please bring ziploc bags the fish that we clean for you. Please remember this level of quality service when you consider your tip for the captain and mate. If you wish to clean the fish yourself, you are welcome to do so. Just have your cooler ready and we will provide you with ice so that you can transport your whole fish home so that you can clean them off premises.

What are the fishing regulations?

All trips take place in either federal or state waters so we generally follow the more restrictive of state or federal regulations. Please be familiar with the regulations. Links are provided below.

Link to State Fishing Regulations: http://myfwc.com/fishing/saltwater/regulations/

If the trip is cancelled, is my deposit refunded?

Cancellation by us:
If, before departure, we cancel a trip due to weather, mechanical breakdown, insufficient booking, or any other discretion of the captain, we will issue a full refund. In most cases if a trip in process is cancelled due to mechanical breakdown then a prorated refund will be given considering the amount of time away from the dock. If a trip in process is canceled due to weather, injury, discipline problems, or decision by the captain to abort the trip for reason not directly controlled by us, then no refund is given.

Cancellation by passenger:
A passenger may cancel their trip at any time up to 48 hours prior to the scheduled trip and we will refund your deposit in full.

Who do I contact with more questions?

Go to our Contact Us page on this site for our phone, e-mail, and local address

What is provided for on fishing trips?

We provide rods, licenses, bait, tackle, water and soda, and ice for the fish while aboard our boat on our fishing charters. Also, a captain and a deck hand are included.